A Temporary Solution

This was our second year doing Science Fair. Kids don’t try this at home.

First, we found out about the science fair a little late. We scrambled to think of ideas since Allan and I were heading to Vegas for the weekend. We found a couple ideas on Pinterest, but nothing super exciting. One day, Cyan asked me, “Mama, when am I gonna take my tattoo off?”

Any parent of school aged children will tell you bandages and temporary tattoos are all the rage at first. Until it’s a couple days later and a sludge of dirt and lint has made a home on your child’s skin and you have to use sandpaper to get it off.

Eureka! That was Cyan’s project, What’s the best way to remove a temporary tattoo?. I volunteered to be her test subject because I love me some ink…temporary, glitter and henna that is. (Side note: Allan and I have no visible tattoos. I’m pretty sure we also have no invisible tattoos. I think this is rare among our set).

We placed three shamrock tattoos (that I found at Walgreens – again don’t wait until the last minute) on my arm. We mixed some liquid hand soap and water and grabbed bottles of rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) and makeup remover (Clinique). Cyan guessed that makeup remover would be best. Atticus was eager to help.


We used a dropper to drop ten drops of each liquid into a cotton ball. Then we counted the number of times Cyan rubbed each tattoo to remove it. Makeup remover edged out rubbing alcohol and soap and water just did not did the trick.

All of this experimentation took place before our trip. While in Vegas, I uploaded the documentation photos from my phone up to When we came back we picked up a tri-fold board, the pics, and a glue stick to put it all together. I’d also ordered more temporary tattoos on Amazon Prime so anyone checking out the Science Fair could grab one.


We went to the Science Fair tonight to check out the results and saw that Cy got first place for her grade. This is her second year taking first. I could tell she was proud and wanted people to take her tattoos. We are also proud of her. One component of the judging is the interview and I know our little scientist knows her stuff. Her prize is a cool t-shirt.  Allan headed back over to the Science Fair with Cy. I’m laying in bed with her lab assistant who is running a fever, but refusing medicine.

So we’ve now discovered a solution to a temporary problem. Get it? Temporary solution? See what I did there?  Slay.

As we drove away from school, Cyan said, “I think I know why I got first place.” I asked why. Her response: “I think it was because it was unique.” Love this kid.