Just Checking In

While I certainly don’t blog as often as I used to.  The microblogging and short attention spans of 2018 have come to a screen near you.  And me.

Part of the reason was my frustration with WordPress.  So I switched to Blogger.  But I’m giving WP a try again.  Anyway, here’s a few random stories that have crossed my mind as of late.  Ain’t it grand when you have a few days off?

Atticus Blows His Nose

Atticus had a sick day today.  His asthma acts up when he gets a cold.  We were driving and I offered him a tissue from my purse.  He proceeded to tell us, “You know what I do when I blow my nose, II go like this”… (He holds the tissue to nose and blows a raspberry sound with his mouth)  …I do that so I can get hand santizer.”

You see, Atticus is a germaphobe.  He loves hand santizer.  Flushes toilets with his elbow.  After he washes his hands.  Et cetera.  These are not things he learned from us.  We’re more like germaphiles.  jk  Anyway, he pretends to blow his nose so he can get hand santizer at school.  He was very proud of this.  But he also crawls all over the ground and actually uses his shirt as a tissue and a napkin.  Dual purpose.

In other news, I switched beds the other night because Atticus felt like a Kenny Rogers Roaster.  Speaking of sleep…

The Princess and the Pea

When I was little…younger, that’s better…when I was younger, I used to rock some big earrings.  I’m talking big, bright dangly things.  It was the 80s.  So it was just normal enough for a small child to wear such big baubles.

Somehow as an adult an earring’s weight is factored into mine and my head can’t bear the budrden of anything beyond a light hoop or dangle.  Even studs need be slight.

And sleep in them?  If the post pokes behind my ear, it’s like The Princess and the MF-in’ Pea up in here.

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