Uncle Louie

A love of the outdoors probably only compares with one other passion for the Carrillos.  The Pittsburgh Steelers.  Each year we’d gather around the TV, eat great food and cheer on the Steelers together.  Some years we even traveled to see them play.  The best memory was when the Steelers won the Super Bowl a few years back.  Uncle Louie’s good friend Victor was biting his nails down to the quick, nervous with anticipation.  It was down to the wire, but the Steelers prevailed and Victor who was on the shorter side, ran toward my uncle, who was on the taller side, crying tears of joy, “We did it, Joe!”  I loved seeing them both so happy.  Anyone who says grown men don’t cry has not seen a football fan when his team wins the Super Bowl.


Sadly, Victor passed away a few years later.  Uncle Louie was a lath and plaster contractor by trade.  When Victor passed, he made a large cross as a memorial.  I drive by that sometimes on my way to pick up the kids.  When Uncle Louie passed, my sister Meghann said, “Can you imagine Vic running into Uncle Louie’s arms when he gets to heaven?”  I can totally see it.


Joe (Louie) will be missed by many, but I’m glad he is not suffering.  I imagine he is up there with Grandma yelling for him (Louie!) and cheering on the Steelers with Vic.  See you again, Uncle Lou.


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