The Pinon Express

You may have heard of The Polar Express, but have you heard of The Piñon Express?  It’s a story of Christmas magic.Capture1

The Piñon Express is a way for us New Mexicans to catch a ride to the North Pole to visit Santa.


We hitched a ride on The Piñon Express this past weekend.


The Albuquerque Trolley picked us up at Hotel Albuquerque and off we went.



We toured the streets of downtown Albuquerque with Atticus sitting up front near the driver.


As we drove, we listened to what sounded like Liam Neeson reading the original story.


It wasn’t long before Santa’s engineers beckoned us to the North Pole with their lanterns.Capture6

We waited in the railyard until it was our turn to see Santa.

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