Jane The Virgin

A little history.  I watched my first telenovela during my first year of college. It was Rosalinda starring Thalia and Fernando Carrillo.  There were others that grabbed my attention, Abrazame muy fuerte, Esmeralda, Luz Clarita. And by grabbed my attention, I mean grabbed my mom and Nana’s attention.  I hung out with my family a lot in college.  Who does that?  Me I guess.


Another novela that I enjoyed a lot was Mi Destino Eres Tu.  MDET starred Lucero, Jorge Salinas, and Jaime Camil.  We’ll get back to Jaime, trust.  There are many reasons to love novelas.  They are temporary.  They are over the top.  The opening song is usually catchy.  The actors are attractive.  They are in Spanish and a great way to learn Spanish when you aren’t a native Spanish speaker.


After many years, the telenovela has made its way into the American whatever we are calling our culture.  First, there was Ugly Betty (based on Betty la fea) and Telenovela (a spoof of novelas).  I wanted to watch Betty, but never made/had the time.  And you can’t spoof a novela because they are spoofy on their own.  To get it right, you have to try to actually do it, with some twists and slightly higher production value.  And that is what Jane the Virgin does.

I was a little late to the Jane the Virgin game and I think I just happened to stumble on it one night.  As you can probably tell, I started watching TV again like a year ago and it’s amazing.  Looks like I will probably not return to school lol.

Jane Cast_2

There are lots of reasons to love JTV and many ways I connect to it despite the fact that the show can be so silly and impossible.  That’s the twist piece.  It’s got the over the top plot twists, inconceivable turn of events, extreme luxury with bits and pieces of keeping it real.  Rather than review the whole show which I can’t and I won’t, I’ll just make a recommendation that it’s worth watching and call out the things I connect with/love about it.  In no particular order.

636104516379590655718105316_not afraid of anything

Catholicism – A strange, but traditional and ritualistic, yet comforting faith.

Abortion – It’s rare to see a show, especially a comedy, deal with this sensitive topic in a direct way.

Postpartum Depression – Those that know me know this one hits right in the feels.  The show’s arguable “villain” you root for, Petra, didn’t connect with her twins.  She is not a perfect mom.  But she plays a professional mom on TV.  And that HBIC is right up my alley, minus the villain part.

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