As the election nears

This post originally appeared on my MySpace blog on 10/22/2008.

As the election nears…

As the election nears…some things that have crossed my path.

1)  I was beyond pleased to see Collin Powell’s comments over the weekend regarding the campaign.  He stated that either candidate could be president, but gave specific reasons why he would be voting for Barack Obama.  The highlight for me was when he (finally someone did!) addressed the fact that while Obama is not Muslim, it would be ok if he was.  This article captured my thoughts, too bad I didn’t write it, but I highly recommend it.  And watch the video of Powell if you have about 5 minutes.

2)  On a little lighter note…a nice story about a 106 year old woman who remembers when she couldn’t vote because of her race.

3)  On an even lighter note…

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