This post originally appeared on my MySpace blog on, as you guessed it, November 4, 2008.

Didn’t plan to blog, but natually I have to.  It may not make a lot of sense.  Just want to capture my thoughts.  Barack Obama has been ELECTED the 44th President of the United States of America.

I woke up excited today.  Yesterday I got an e-mail from the Obama campaign (one of many) suggesting that high school students should volunteer since they were off of school.  I called my sister (a high school freshman just turned 14) and asked her if she wanted to come volunteer with me.  She did.

So I went to pick her up.  She wanted to borrow one of my Obama shirts.  I just got a new one over the weekend so I gave her my Obamanos shirt.  It got so many compliments today and of course looked great on her.

Sarah and I stopped for Starbucks (Mocha and Iced Caramel Machiatto) before heading to the west side campaign headquarters.  Yes, I took the day off and I’m so glad I did aside from the fact that I was not at work.  People from work were contacting me throughout the day about the election.

When we got to the headquarters, it was a bit chaotic like any volunteer effort.  After getting some training and picking up some gear, we were off.

I have volunteered a few times for the Campaign for Change.  It always amazes me to see the diversity of people volunteering.  It is really cool.

We were on a team.  Our captain was Iris and the 3 canvassers were me, Sue and Cathy.  Sarah and I had a total of 32 doors in Taylor Ranch.  We walked quite a bit and were able to talk to about 6 people which is pretty good on a Tuesday and better than some of my other weekend days.  It was a nice day and wonderful just to walk around with my sister and talk while working to get out the vote.

After walking around for a few hours, we picked up my little brother for lunch.  He wanted an Obama shirt so I gave him the sweat shirt I picked up today.  We had a nice lunch at Sushi King.  Again, it was nice to spend time with them, just relaxing.  They were really excited when we went through a drive through car wash after lunch.

I then went home and watched TV before my Spanish class.  My cousin Marina (a high school sophomore who also vounteered today) called to ask if I could get her an Obama shirt.  I said I would.

I was bummed to head to class on such an important evening, but I knew the news would be available when I returned.  When our teacher hadn’t arrived, I sent him a quick e-mail on my Blackberry to let him know we were headed home.

All day long I listened to Air America to keep track of what was happening and when I had access to a TV or internet I was flipping all around, but mostly CNN and MSNBC.

Allan came home and suggested we finish a bottle of wine over spaghetti leftovers.  We rarely drink at home, but tonight was a celebration.  As we ate dinner and talked about the day, the polls started closing and the results being announced.

I screamed and danced when NM was called because I felt that I had made a difference.  By walking up to total strangers houses, by encouraging my friend and family to vote (and in some cases register to vote), and by getting people to early vote.

I screamed and cried when the election was announced for Obama.  I was IM’ing with Cinnamon, having a nice converstion.  Allan and the dogs came in to celebrate.  I watched both McCain and Obama give great speeches and smiled as the text messages started to come in.

“Hi friend!  I missed talking to you today!  I just wanted to tell you that regardless of how I feel about all this, I know you are gonna have a great night and I am happy for you!  Have fun in your class and in impending victory=)”

“Like mom says ‘turn out the lights, the party’s over!’

“Yes we can!!!”

“Si se puede!!!”  I can’t believe its happening!!!”

“Dude I feel like crying Lol”

“We did it!”

“Si se pudo!  We did it”

“Are you crying?”

“Yes we did!  Yes we did!”


“This is so f$%*& crazy right now!  I can’t believe this $!&!”

“Thank god president obama!  Thank you everyone!”

“Congratulations, your hard work paid off.  I wish him luck and pray that he is able to make the changes he has promised.”

“Obama party number 1 – my house Friday…you down?”

“I believed!  We did it!  Thank you!”

So this great election is over and now we move on to the challenges ahead.  What an amazing time.  So glad to be part of it.

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