Atticus Cole is 4 years old!

The other day Allan was moving some furniture and stumbled across a piece of paper. Written on the paper was a list of names we were throwing around as possible names for our baby boy.


Our baby boy. As I write that, I get a little sad. You see, our baby is less and less a baby, and more and more a little boy. And as the time passes, that little boy will become a young man.


In fact, Atticus turns four on January 19th. Four!  In celebration of his birthday, here are some fun things going on in the Atticus space these days.


It’s fairly well documented that Atticus is our challenging child. He’s also super loving. One day he kissed my hand and said, “‘Chanté.” (Enchanté) He’s interested in dinosaurs and sharks. He likes construction vehicles. And he calls them vehicles.


Atticus is independent in that he likes to do things for himself. He often wants someone to play with him, but ends up telling stories in his own little world. He watches the news and sometimes worries about the world.


He wants me to become a teacher so I can teach him. He then wants to go to college together and work from home together. I know one day he may not want to have anything to do with me so I relish this.


Atticus is our night owl.  He likes to dance.  He was disappointed earlier because his toes were clean and didn’t have dirt in them for him to clean. Atticus has a brilliant mind and surprisingly sharp memory.

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