2016 Restaurant Tour

The Armenta Family is proud to present its 2016 Restaurant Tour. But wait. Before you thank us for this act of public service, you might want to file this one under TMI.
It’s no secret we eat out often. As such, you become familiar with the local restaurant scene. Unfortunately, I can’t share tales of the best service or the most delicious dishes. I can, however, tell you about the restrooms.
Because you see, it seems that everywhere we go, Atticus needs to visit the head. Nothing wrong with that, right? Everybody’s gotta go when they gotta go. Yet somehow, he always has to go when we’re at a restaurant.
And I mean go. As in 10 minute full production. He might yell at me to leave the loo (for privacy of course). While the manager is waiting to clean and trying not to laugh because he keeps shouting to check that I’m “not there.” Or else he’s making other theatrical sounds and commentary. It’s awesome.
I always wondered when guys start the marathon bathroom behavior. I figured the draw of the library didn’t hit until they could read. Or play games on their phone. The bathroom is not where I want to spend any good part of my day. Cyan also gets in and gets out. But not Atticus. And certainly not in restaurants.
Sweet Tomatoes. Little Anita’s. Red Lobster. Hannah and Nate’s. The list goes on. And so does the trip to the restroom. 10 minutes. Sometimes you’ll get two “I needa go potty” trips, because well, you know.
Maybe we should try Long John Silver’s. See what I did there.

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