Say What: Summer 2016

Wanna know the funny things my kids have been saying?


​Atticus: Wanna know why I don’t want to be a grown up?

Me: Why?

Atticus: Cause I’ll have to do hard stuff and that makes me get sweaty.


Cyan: Do you wanna know what I learned in school?

Me: Yes.

Cyan: When you fart, instead of saying excuse me, you say my bad. That’s the fancy way of saying excuse me.  Say my bad.

Me:  Who told you that?

Cyan:  The teacher’s neighbor.  She’s very fancy.


Cyan: Daddy, will you play the song I like? *starts singing*

Atticus: Will you play Uptown Funk You Up? It makes me happy. I get a happy feeling in my tummy like rainbows. *rubs tummy*


Atticus: I don’t want to do chores. Chores are boring.


Cyan:  Grandpa, did you use to be white like Grandma when you were little, before you had a job?

Grandpa:  *Laughs*  No, I was never white.

Cyan:  You were always black?

Grandpa:  I’m not black.

Cyan:  Have you seen yourself? Look at your arm, you’re black.

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