The needs and wants of a threenager can be quite random.  Sometimes it’s best not to try to understand why they want the orange cup and not the green cup.  So when Atticus said he wanted a cuckoo clock a few weeks ago, I didn’t bother to try to understand why.  In fact, I figured it was just a passing fancy.  I shoud have known better.  Atticus has a really good memory.  Like scary good.  He remembers minute details of inconsequential events long past and certainly long forgotten by me.

He brought up the idea of the cuckoo clock a few times.  To me and Nana Freda.  I don’t think most rational people buy cuckoo clcks for their three year olds, but who wants to be most people?  So I Amazon-Primed that sucker and set it up while he took a walk with Auntie Meghann to water the plants at Auntie Jeannette’s house.  When he returned I told him maybe we should decide the best place to put a cuckoo clock in his room.  Cyan spotted it first. Here’s a few quick spots of his first reaction.

The cuckoo clock was a hit.  And the cool part is that it has a light sensor so it doesn’t “cuckoo” when it’s dark.  It also matches the wood grain in his room.

I gave it some more thought and finally remember where he must have got the idea from.  I had asked him earlier and he told me, “Remember that show with the cuckoo clock?”  No, I didn’t.  Until I remembered watching an episode of Goosebumps with him.  With a cuckoo clock.  The Cuckoo Clock of Doom to be precise.  Oh yeah, did I mention that he asks to watch “scary shows” on Netflix or Amazon Prime?  Again, not winning any awards for parenting here.

I’d like to think that maybe he was inspired by the cuckoo of the timeless classic, The Sound of Music, but that’s not the case.  It was R.L. Stine rather than Rodgers and Hammerstein.

So Long, Farewell from Iain Gall on Vimeo.

If you didn’t quite get a taste of what we’re dealing with, I’ll give you a couple other Atticusisms to close.

Atticus:  I don’t love you, I like you.

Atticus:  You stink and it’s not okay.

Atticus:  You stink, can you go sit on that couch?  (We don’t stink btw.  Allan had just applied some Aspercreme.)

Atticus: Will you play with me?

Me:  Play with Daddy.

Atticus: I’m bored with him.