Rocked Kinder

It’s official, we have a first grader. Because in case you hadn’t heard…Cyan rocked Kinder!


The end of year celebration took place on Friday and it was a real hoot. It was also National Bike to Work Day. After a quick conference call, I packed lunches and I hopped on my Schwinn, then I tell the homies a’ight then.


But seriously, her school was farther than I thought. I met up with the kinders walking, as only five and six year olds can, on their way to a park.


The kids played for a while and after lunch they performed a couple songs. Kinder graduation versions of Taio Cruz’ Dynamite and Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off.  Dance moves?  She get it from her momma.

Then it was time for diplomas.



Back in the classroom, we watched the cutest video with pictures of field trips, theme days and everyday memories. The kids squealed as they remembered all the fun they had in kindergarten. The first song was Happy and the last was We Could Be Heroes, but it was the second song that hit me hard in the feels. Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift. Rather than post it here, I thought I’d share some of the best pics.


Kinder Fair (2)







Kinder was such a great year. The teachers were awesome. And our girl rocked it!




Bandelier National Monument






We live in one of the largest states in the union.  And although Allan and I are almost lifelong residents, there are pockets of the Land of Enchantment even we haven’t seen.  Over the last couple years, I’ve been thinking that I want my kids to see as much of our state as possible.  So I made a Pinterest board.  They may be a little too young for our #ArmentaAdventures, but who ever let that stop them?  Not us!


In early March, we headed up toward Bandelier National Monument taking the scenic route up 550 through the winding roads of Jemez Springs.  We stopped in Jemez Pueblo to enjoy some fresh fry bread with powdered sugar.  Atticus fell asleep and missed our second stop, the Soda Dam.  Allan stayed in the car with him while Cyan and I explored the caves and roaring river.

20160306_121305 20160306_121535 20160306_121546 20160306_121556 20160306_121635

We got back on the road and passed by Battleship Rock and Valles Caldera.  A huge expanse that is a collapsed dormant volcano.  I think.  There was still some snow hanging on to the mountain tops.

Atticus woke up as we made it to Bandalier.  I had gone on a field trip there in third grade and thought the kids might like the caves.  It was a bit of a physical challenge for them and us but we all made it through.  As we walked we talked about our ancestors.  Cyan likes that word.  The kids had recently seen The Croods so they associated the history with that cave dwelling family.

First up were the kivas.


Then the pueblo like rooms around the open plaza.  We tried to get them to imagine all of these structures with roofs.  They decided which was their room.



Then it was time to climb up to the cave dwellings.




Which meant stairs…


And ladders…

20160306_135919 20160306_140020 20160306_141113 20160306_141238 20160306_141334 20160306_141408 20160306_142625

We were tired after all that climbing.


But we kept #NewMexicoTrue


For the return trip, we went through Santa Fe which is a little faster.  Got to see Camel Rock through the dirty car window.

20160306_155123 20160306_155125

And a lovely New Mexico sunset.


Until next time…