Science Kid

As a parent, I have learned that as often as you ask your children to tell you about their day, they rarely share the stuff you might find most interesting.  And that’s okay.  Sometimes you have to discover the highlight reel of their day by searching their backpacks.  Today was one of those days.

As I looked through Cyan’s backpack I discovered that she won first place for kindergarten in the science fair.  Heck yeah!


The science fair took place last week.  After some research on Pinterest, we decided to explore Which color of M&M is most common?  (On a side note, I sure am glad to be parenting in the time of Pinterest.  I may not be a Pinterest bride, but a Pinterest mom is pretty darn close when it comes to copying other great ideas).

20160121_080322[1] 20160117_204137[1]

Cyan’s guess was that red would be the most common color because it is bright.


In the case of peanut M&Ms, her hypothesis was right.

20160117_204626[1] 20160121_080332[1]

In the case of mini M&Ms, yellow edged out red by one M&M except for the fact that Cyan ate one of the yellow mini M&Ms.  I guess we may need to work on our scientific method.  But at least the success tasted sweet!

20160117_210027[1] 20160121_080337[1]

Cyan’s project was judged along with other kinders and first graders.  They were all excellent.  These kids really blow my mind.  They grew crystals and plants, displayed prisms and the light spectrum, and put gummy bears in all kinds of solutions.


Judges walked around interviewing the kiddos.  It was precious.


At the science fair, I mentioned to Auntie Meg that sometimes kids win scholarships for their science fair projects.  I remembered this from my ridiculous turn at regionals in 7th grade.  I saw it as a chance to walk around UNM.  You could tell other kids had not half assed taken their project super serious and put in months of work.

Turns out there are even scholarships in elementary school.  Cyan received a scholarship to Camp Invention, a science camp at her school that takes place over summer break.

We’re super proud of this kid.  I think she may have a knack for this stuff.  She and Papa built some kind of electrical circuit toy a few weeks prior.  She also likes to watch Wild Kratts and Sid the Science Kid.

Backpack surprise #2 was that she also won a magnet set.


And for the backpack hat trick, I found a Character Counts nomination from November.  She was recognized for her empathy.  In this day and age, when empathy seems to be lacking at every turn, it warms my heart to hear this kid is so caring and conscientious towards others.


I am unabashedly bragging and so proud of our Cyan Rose.  I’m grateful for the PTO and volunteers who put together Science Night.  And most grateful for backpack surprises and science kids.


Atticus’ Corgi Birthday Party

Atticus said he wanted a puppy party for his 3rd birthday. So I set out for Party City and found tons of fun Paw Patrol decorations.

Turns out Atticus was not a fan. He said he wanted a Kaiser party. Kaiser is our dog. Atticus wanted me to take the Paw Patrol stuff back. And as so many of us parents do, I succumbed to the pressure of my toddler terrorist. Kids, 1,933. Parents, 0.

To be specific, Atticus said he wanted a corgi halloween party. What does that even mean? Whatever it means, he was dead set on it.

So we had a corgi party.

20160124_113542[1] 20160124_113353[1] 20160124_113323[1] 20160124_113604[1] 20160124_113316[1]

With pupperoni pizza from Dion’s.


And lots of other fun snacks like Pupcorn, Chew Sticks, Pawtato Chips, and Corgi Butts Drive Me Nuts.

20160124_113218[1] 20160124_113209[1] 20160124_113304[1] 20160124_113229[1]

We drank toilet water.


And made sure to wipe our paws.


We pinned the tail on the corgi. Well we tried to.

20160124_122422[1] 20160124_122151[1]

And the kids adopted dogs.


Sometimes you can make things happen with a little help from Pinterest, Etsy, Amazon, Google, Photoshop, and stuff you have laying around the house.


A party wouldn’t be complete without some kind of fail.  We bought a corgi cookie cutter (say that five times fast) from Amazon.  The finished cookies looked possibly like sheep blobs.  Oh well, not every one is a winner.

20160123_200501[1] 20160123_200453[1]

Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us. It was paw-some!

20160124_114441[1] 20160124_122908[1] 20160124_122905[1] 20160124_123011[1]


Atticus Cole is Three Years Old!

It happened, we officially have a #threenager.  I often refer to Atticus as a home grown toddler terrorist running his own terror cell, but at the end of each day as I watch him sleep I’m so thankful he is ours.  And our little boy is no longer two.


I think he’s got things figured out because he says he’s a baby and he doesn’t want to be a big boy.  Genius.


He talks.  A lot.  And he’s definitely spirited or independent or a boy or strong-willed or whatever you’re supposed to say.


When he wants to be held, he says he’s cold.  He can be very loving, but as in most cases, he’s particular:)


He talks about farts and poop way more than anyone should.


He and Cyan play together when he’s not stealing her toys and it’s amazing to see them in their own world.  More to come on that.


He likes to sing.  Twinkle, Twinkle, Jingle Bells, Shut Up and Dance.  And he knows we can say shut up in that song.


He calls letters numbers, just like his sister did. Sometimes he eat pancakes or hangabers at Old MCDonald’s.


He likes to cook.  And watch Scooby Doo! and Kiss: Rock and Roll Mystery.  He likes robots and dinosaurs. He’s athletic, but not a fan of most people.


He’s likes Katy Perry and foreign YouTube children’s songs. Sometimes he wants his toenails painted like monster nails.


AND…for the second time, we successfully got our birthday card on the Sprout Channel.  For me, this is like winning the lottery or the Super Bowl.  We all shouted when we saw our guy. And even though the host called Cyan “Cayenne” and I think the card got a little jacked in transit, it was still cool to see our dude on national TV.  Age 3 seems to be the lucky number for us.

Happy Birthday Atticus!

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