Atticus Cole is Two and a Half Years Old

When Atticus woke up today (after sleeping in), he was two and a half years old.


High time for an adventure.


We had to do something on his bucketlist.
I know, let’s ride a city bus.  We took Auntie Meg along since she knows the ropes.
wpid-img_20150719_120558.jpg wpid-img_20150719_120723.jpg
We decided to go to the iconic Frontier Restaurant. Atticus fake cried when I didn’t let him put pepper on his pancakes.

Then we crossed Central and headed over to campus to wait for the westbound Rapid Ride.

I think Atticus enjoyed his adventure.
And now he can cross riding a city bus off his bucket list.
As it usually goes with my kids, one adventure is never enough. The second we got home, Atticus said he wanted to go on another adventure.
We tried playing in the sandbox and the water table, but it was too hot.
wpid-img_20150719_125137.jpg  wpid-img_20150719_124931.jpg
Since Allan was cleaning the pool, we ran through the sprinklers.

We should probably have a party since it’s his two and a half year birthday.  I think he’s gonna invite his homies, Peppa Pig and Max and Ruby.

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