Say What: Duets

The Say What series was previously limited to Cyanisms. Lately, someone else has become pretty vocal. And just as funny. So now I present, Atticusisms in addition to Cyanisms.  Enjoy!

Scene: Some people rang our door bell.
Cyan: What did they want?
Allan: They wanted to teach us about God.
Cyan: We already know about God.
Allan: Exactly.

Me: Do you want me to help you open it?
Atticus: I can open it myself.
Me: I guess your a big boy now, you don’t need your mama.
Atticus: I need my sandwich.

Scene: Allan telling Cyan about how Grandpa Danny and his parents used to kill sheep.
Cyan: Why do you kill animals?
Allan: So we can eat them.
Cyan: You don’t need to kill animals, you can just buy it at the store. Nana would never never never never ever eat their chickens, because they want eggs.

Scene: While watching Remember the Time video.
Atticus: That’s not a man, that’s a girl.
Me: That’s Michael Jackson, he’s a man.
Atticus: That’s not a man, that’s a lady!

Cyan on us leaving her scooter on the floor: If you throw it on the floor, it will get dirty, I don’t like dirty.

Cyan: A roommate is like a boyfriend.

Scene: Watching a video on evolution.
Cyan: There’s daddy losing his hair (points to homo erectus).

Me: I’m 34 going on 35. My birthday is next month then I’ll be old.
Cyan: So old your hair turns white?
Me: Yes.
Cyan: Maybe you should keep it the same color.

Cyan: When you die I will use your toothbrush because when you die people use your things. When I die someone will use my toothbrush.

Me: We can’t be late.
Cyan: Just tell your boss the truth, she’ll understand.

Me: Do you need my help?
Atticus: No I can. I a grown up.
Atticus: I iron man.

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