Cyan had a field trip today. I didn’t get to join, but I was excited to hear about her trip to Krispy Kreme Donuts. She must have had fun because she fell asleep on the way home.


We talked about the field trip on the way to Nana’s and on the way home. When we arrived at Nana’s, Atticus cried for a donut. Drama.

Then on the way home, he cried for a donut. He wanted chocolate with sprinkles just like the one Cyan told us she’d made with her class.


I usually don’t give in to their whims, but I figured he’d been wanting a donut all day. So I asked Grandma PC to pick one up on her way home.


Atticus eyed the donut suspiciously and said that’s not it.


But he proceeded to eat it anyway. A couple bites in, he tells us that Nana gave him a donut.


I felt had. Played. Duped. By a two year old. They say a sucker is born every minute. I’ll say.


He also ate stew, yogurt, string cheese, milk and a cookie.

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