Build A Boy


Cuteness ahead.  Don’t say I didn’t, say I didn’t, warn ya.


A lot goes into building a one year old.  Especially one as cute as our little godson Malachi.


We were invited to celebrate with this little guy last weekend!


As you can see, he is highly qualified to be an amazing one year old.


His mom, The Project Manager, and his dad, the Project Engineer, did a great job on the construction site.


Lots of sweet treats for a sweet boy.

20150222_153421 20150222_153413wpid-20150222_153409.jpg

The job site got a little crazy, but Foreman Malachi kepts his workers on the job.


And he really got down to business when it came to the all important task for eating his cake!

20150222_163923 20150222_164536

This crew had a great time, thanks for having us on the job!  We dug it!

       wpid-20150222_152137.jpg wpid-20150222_152112.jpg

Great work and Happy 1st Birthday Malachi!





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