She Was An American Girl

Cyan wanted an American Girl doll for Christmas.  I have no idea where she saw them, but she did.  Allan being the good dad/obsessive researcher/shopaholic that he is, did some thorough investigation of the American Girl.  He was Santa on a mission.  American Girls are IMO, a high end doll for older girls and/or doll collectors.  They started off as historical based dolls with accompanying books.  You may have heard of Kitt Kittredge.  We also had a little Josefina doll.  She is from 1820’s New Mexico.

20150328_183618[1] 20150328_183636[1]

Knowing we have a toddler terrorist and that an American Girl might not see her best days in our our house of every day play, we opted for a knock off.  And when I say knock off, I mean we spent about fifty bucks instead of a hundred, so it’s still a nice doll.  Lukcily for us in this case, Cyan can’t read just yet and didn’t realize the box said Madame Alexander instead of American Girl.  But she loves Mera.  And that’s all that matters.


When I saw a call for models for an American Girl Fashion Show who wear size 6 or 10, I thought it would be right up Cy’s alley.  And it was!


The event was hosted by the Junior League of Albuquerque and it was SO cute!


The tables were set with lovely hors d’oeuvres.

20150314_101142  20150314_101500

The runway was ready for the models who were busy getting all dolled up backstage.  Get it?  😉

20150314_101319 20150314_101216

The crowd waited with bated breath.

20150314_102735 wpid-20150314_102747.jpg

Our gal was all ready to hit the stage (we’d been practicing walking on a yoga mat at home).

20150312_075241 20150312_075407

The outfit she wore was called Pastel Carousel and she carried a Bitty Baby who wore a matching outfit.  She was was one of the smallest and youngest models; she sure made us proud!


The older girls were sweet, but when the littles hit the stage, it was pure sweetness.  As each girl came out, the announcers (also young girls) told a little but about the doll’s character, the time period she lived, and of course described the clothes.  And how fitting for Women’s History Month!

wpid-img_20150314_132607.jpg wpid-20150314_113250.jpg

DSC_0289 DSC_0291

DSC_0297 DSC_0299

DSC_0310 DSC_0322

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Ms. Cyan Rose Armenta.  She was so adorable as she curtsied by taping each foot against her leg over and over.  She was very confortable on stage.  Judging from her stay, maybe too comfortable.  :)

All of her fans were so excited to see Cy after the show.

20150314_115624 20150314_115611

20150314_115642 20150314_115659

The proceeds of the show benefitted women and children’s literacy programs in our area.  


Cy received a gift for participating.  It is a mini American Girl Fashion Show.  As you can see, she loves it!

We love our American Girl!  And our American Boy too!  He wanted to dress up on Cyan’s Picture Day.

20150312_075520 20150312_075532 20150312_075545

Take it away Tom!

Stranger Danger

Normally, I laugh at Allan’s Internet arguments. Because, you know, somewhere, someone on the Internet is wrong. But with this guy? I can’t even.

The names and identities of the not so innocent have been changed

So apparently, out of the blue, some guy sends Allan a seemingly harmless message via Gmail. They had done a toy trade several years ago.





Clearly, he thinks that reaching out to perfect strangers and judging their lifestyle choices is an acceptable thing to do.



Things escalate quickly.



He turns cray cray.



All the while I’m reminded of how smart and funny Allan is. He also might be a horrible person.




Say What: What Women Want

I decided to do a special edition of Say What in honor of International Women’s Day.

Here are some recent gems from my favorite little woman.


When you die, I will use your toothbrush. Because when you die, people use your things.
When I die, someone will use my toothbrush.


Cyan:  How come Scoutie doesn’t have babies?
Allan: Scoutie can’t have babies because we got her fixed. We got Kaiser fixed too.
Cyan:  Daddy, boys can’t have babies.


Me:  Atticus is a big boy.
Cyan:  He’s still in Pampers anyway.


Allan used some tea tree oil.
Daddy put something on his face that smells like garbage.  It smells like cucumber.


I’m the one who’s not laughing because I have the sneezles.


Cyan:  Daddy, come see Mommy!
Me:  No, don’t call him.  He’ll laugh at me.
Cyan:  What are you afraid of?  He’s your husband.


Atticus, if you break your toys, let a parent help you fix it.


Cyan:  Mommy, why can’t we make Atticus go away?
Me:  Why would you want that?
Cyan:  I like peace and quiet.


Me: They used to be married to each other, but now they’re married to other people.
Cyan: Why?
Me: Sometimes people decide they don’t want to be married anymore.
Cyan: Yeah, like Katy Perry. She didn’t want to be in the human world anymore. She wanted to be in the jungle.


Build A Boy


Cuteness ahead.  Don’t say I didn’t, say I didn’t, warn ya.


A lot goes into building a one year old.  Especially one as cute as our little godson Malachi.


We were invited to celebrate with this little guy last weekend!


As you can see, he is highly qualified to be an amazing one year old.


His mom, The Project Manager, and his dad, the Project Engineer, did a great job on the construction site.


Lots of sweet treats for a sweet boy.

20150222_153421 20150222_153413wpid-20150222_153409.jpg

The job site got a little crazy, but Foreman Malachi kepts his workers on the job.


And he really got down to business when it came to the all important task for eating his cake!

20150222_163923 20150222_164536

This crew had a great time, thanks for having us on the job!  We dug it!

       wpid-20150222_152137.jpg wpid-20150222_152112.jpg

Great work and Happy 1st Birthday Malachi!