I’m a Loser Baby

This is my third time writing about the Grammys and fourth mention of Kanye in a post.  I’m very sad to say I didn’t watch any of this year’s Grammys. I wanted to, but live TV and me just don’t mix these days. I still plan to check out the musical performances.

Anyhow, a friend of mine was called out on a local radio personality’s Facebook page. The original post called people hypocrites for bashing on Kanye who hated on Beck. My friend disagreed with the poster who then proceeded to become the very thing she originally intended to put on blast. A hypocrite. That’s right, she called my friend stupid.


On a side note, she also called my friend an over 40 white male. First of all, he’s technically white. But he, like may of us, can check the Hispanic ethnicity box. Secondly, I think my friend would take great offense to being called over 40. He’s rumored to be in his early 30s. I only bring this up to show that the radio personality must have made some deductions assumptions based on his shadowy profile picture (?). And we all know what happens what you assume… you make an ass out of you and Dana Cortez.


Let’s be real. I don’t really know “d.c.” In all honesty, I stopped listening to KKSS 97.3 in high school. From what I gather, she’s a bit obnoxious. I still listen to regular radio here and there on my commute, but that station is not my cup of tea. Most radio personalities I’ve seen put questions or ideas or into social media, but rarely, if ever, have I seen a DJ argue with people who have a different opinion than their own. But ya know, stay classy Dana. In other words, to my friends who tried giving Dana feedback, don’t waste your time.  I also think Dana is likely to have Yeezy’s back since they are aligned by musical genre.  He makes music that is played on the radio station where she works.  I gather Dana is reluctant to bite the hand that feeds her.  Rather, she acts as a promoter.

Now, back to the root cause. Kanye West seemed to rush the stage as he has before when another artist was in his opinion unjustly selected for an award.


I think all involved parties (Swift, West, Beyonce, and Beck) have talents. In fact, Kanye is the only one I’ve seen live and he put on an amazing show. I consider myself a fan. Like Cortez, he’s obnoxious and lacks a filter. He’s low on the self regulation/self management scale of EQ. It’s one thing to express an opinion about the Grammys, but maybe live on stage is not the forum to do so. If Kanye wins again in the future, I wonder how he’d feel if another artist has the audacity to come up.  Beck famously said back in the 90’s, “Soy un perdedor.”  In this case, Kanye, you are the loser baby.


And Cortez’ concern that the Grammy committee is out of touch… if that is the case, I wonder why so many people still tune in. And why do so many artists attend and perform at the show.


Ye needs to give it a rest. As for Cortez, I imagine she’ll continue to engage with and insult those who don’t agree with her. And she’ll continue to be her own point.


One thought on “I’m a Loser Baby

  1. Thank you Mand! I love this! Earlier today I read an article that shared a tweet from New England Patriot, Brandon Browner. What he had to say was hilarious….

    “KANYE WEST is a sucka! Everybody don’t listen to Beyoncé. Second time he tried to steal somebody shine. First time it was a 15 yr old girl … Kanye try and play that I’m weird because of my genius. Non of the greats pull that stupid ish. Meaning Marley, Mike Jack, Tupac, Jayz etc. … Peep who he tried Beck and Taylor Swift. Real tough guy. If only I could’ve been Beck for one night. Kanye would be rapping thru the wire,”

    And you’re right, I shouldn’t waste my time or energy trying to give Dana feedback. I was just so upset that someone would try to force their opinion on others and do exactly what she was speaking out against. Our friend is far from stupid…all of my friends are (that’s why they’re my friends)…and I felt like if I could show her that, then she would be more careful with that sharp tongue of hers. Oh well…some things you’ve just gotta let go!

    Either way, I always love when you’re inspired to blog!

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