Snow Business

We almost never watch the news.  I get the news online on Facebook, Twitter, or news sites and informally in conversations.  I find news to be some of the most horrible television.

But we watched the news this morning.  Allan turned on the news yesterday and today to see if there were any delays or closures due to the weather. Twitter is my go to for breaking news.  We got a whopping inch of snow ICYMI.  All this made for some funny conversations with Cyan that I thought I’d share.

Cyan:  Look at the northeast mountain.
Me:  Oh yeah. The northeast mountain is covered in snow.

The northeast mountain is a volcanic rock bluff at the end of our street that faces west.  I just loved hearing her say northeast.

Cyan:  I was watching the news and I thought, that looks like Albuquerque, and it was.
Me:  You were watching the news?
Cyan:  Yeah, there was a shooting and an accident.  And there was an officer.
Me:  That’s exactly why I don’t want you to watch the news.
Cyan:  Well, it was an accident.
Me:  It’s not your fault, I just don’t like what they show on the news. Shootings, and accidents.  You don’t need to see that.
Cyan:  Well, cartoons weren’t on.
Me:  I know, sorry honey, we needed to see if school was delayed or closed.
Cyan:  There was also a ship and bad people.  And an officer.

I love this kid.
On a side note, I’m over being cold. I feel cold all of time. If I could, I’d spend all winter curled up under my heating blanket. Although I’m doing that right now and my feet are still cold. Gotta love poor circulation. So yeah, if we could please turn summer back on, that’d be great. Thanks.

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