Say What?! 2014 Edition

I haven’t wrote a Say What?! post in a year.  ICYMI, SayWhat?! was a series I did on my last blog, where I captured some of Cyan’s observations.  And if you want to revist those gems, feel free.

Episode 1-9

I don’t know if it’s because she says something awesome pretty much every day or I just didn’t make the time, but I have been collecting Cyan-isms all year and I’m happy to finally share some with you.  Atticus is funny too, I just know it.  But so far it just comes out in whining, yelling, or laughing.  So his contribution here is acting like a parrot and being cute.  Always being cute.  Even when he’s naughty.  Which is often.


Without further ado, I present to you the 2014 edition of Say What?!

Me:  Is the new kid at school named Manuel?
Cyan:  Mommy, Manuel is Nana Freda’s boyfriend.


Me:  Sweetie, are you ready to go to bed?

Cyan: No thanks, I want to stay up forever.


Me:  You’re so good at making designs.
Cyan:  That’s why I going to be an artist.


Cyan:  There going to turn into chicken, they’ll be scusting.


Cyan:  Daddy, coffee is not a breakfast, it’s a drink.


Cyan:  I want to be a bossy girl cause you’re a bossy girl.


Cyan:  Do you want to be a pirate when you grow up?


Me:  Why do you get to make all the rules?

Cyan:  Because I’m a nervous girl.


Cyan:  What’s a Monday, Mommy?


Cyan:  Don’t go too fast you’ll use all the petrol.


Cyan:  I dreamed about the tooth fairy and a robot.


Me:  Plants need water, oxygen and sunlight.
Cyan:  Don’t forget love.


Cyan:  God shrunk himself down and he snuck into your ear and put me in your tummy.

Cyan:  I don’t like blue and green.  It makes orange.


Atticus, on the other hand, may be a writer.  He wrote this in a text message:  y Hung Flying Groningen yy yv Bynum g f JL CNN h Byng y Ln n bc civ gunk f v u u guv uh hh by inch td h cd Dr Tchaikovsky’s c b h

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