Say What?! 2014 Edition

I haven’t wrote a Say What?! post in a year.  ICYMI, SayWhat?! was a series I did on my last blog, where I captured some of Cyan’s observations.  And if you want to revist those gems, feel free.

Episode 1-9

I don’t know if it’s because she says something awesome pretty much every day or I just didn’t make the time, but I have been collecting Cyan-isms all year and I’m happy to finally share some with you.  Atticus is funny too, I just know it.  But so far it just comes out in whining, yelling, or laughing.  So his contribution here is acting like a parrot and being cute.  Always being cute.  Even when he’s naughty.  Which is often.


Without further ado, I present to you the 2014 edition of Say What?!

Me:  Is the new kid at school named Manuel?
Cyan:  Mommy, Manuel is Nana Freda’s boyfriend.


Me:  Sweetie, are you ready to go to bed?

Cyan: No thanks, I want to stay up forever.


Me:  You’re so good at making designs.
Cyan:  That’s why I going to be an artist.


Cyan:  There going to turn into chicken, they’ll be scusting.


Cyan:  Daddy, coffee is not a breakfast, it’s a drink.


Cyan:  I want to be a bossy girl cause you’re a bossy girl.


Cyan:  Do you want to be a pirate when you grow up?


Me:  Why do you get to make all the rules?

Cyan:  Because I’m a nervous girl.


Cyan:  What’s a Monday, Mommy?


Cyan:  Don’t go too fast you’ll use all the petrol.


Cyan:  I dreamed about the tooth fairy and a robot.


Me:  Plants need water, oxygen and sunlight.
Cyan:  Don’t forget love.


Cyan:  God shrunk himself down and he snuck into your ear and put me in your tummy.

Cyan:  I don’t like blue and green.  It makes orange.


Atticus, on the other hand, may be a writer.  He wrote this in a text message:  y Hung Flying Groningen yy yv Bynum g f JL CNN h Byng y Ln n bc civ gunk f v u u guv uh hh by inch td h cd Dr Tchaikovsky’s c b h


Much Ado About Nothing

People are funny. Albuquerque is funny. Albuquerque people are funny. Apparently, the latest to do in the Duke City is the recent name change of the local college basketball arena.

Let me start by saying, I’m an alum.  And as native as you get.   We support UNM arts, athletics and academics. Therefore, my opinion is weighted over other people.  Because, well, this is my blog.

So the issue is that University Arena aka The Pit was renamed WisePies Arena.  Let me try to break this down with the solid investigative journalism skills one acquires by scanning Facebook.  University Arena is now WisePies Arena.  The Pit, a nickname, is still in play.  But people are freaking out over this. To be clear, they didn’t change the nickname. It’s still The Pit. But I forget how averse some can be to change.

The folks who own WisePies, Vernon’s Steakhouse and Prime purchased the rights to name the arena, probably for a period of time at the cost of $5M.  I’m pretty sure I know these people, or at least one of them.  And hats off, if they can afford this kind of publicity, business must be good.

Some friends and I were just having this conversation over the weekend.  Albuquerque could stand to shake the small town small minded mentality.  And that’s just what this is.  All over the country, businesses pay to name venues.  Invesco Field.  Levis Stadium.  AT&T Stadium.  Staples Center. American Airlines Arena. It’s not even a new thing.  Schools do it.  Hopsitals do it.  Churches do it.  For a small fortune, you can name a room at our church. Not saying it’s right or wrong, but pay to play is certainly not new.

You can still call The Pit, The Pit.  And people still will.  I guarantee it.  I mean, how many times did you ever say, we’re tailgaiting at University Arena?  Probably never.  So what’s the big deal?  The Lobos play on Bob King Court.  Who says that? I taught at the Robert O. Anderson School of Management. People just say Anderson.

I wish I had enough money to name something. The only things I’ve ever had enough money to name were my kids. And this blog. Actually, I take that back. Allan and I bought a brick. At University Arena. I mean WisePies Arena. It’s called Allan And Amanda Armenta brick.

Traditionalists might say The Pit is iconic. It’s a top ten basketball venue. I love The Pit. And I think we still can. To me, this changes little. In fact, university is a little generic. Let’s all hope the Lobos become awesome and Bill Gates comes back to Albuquerque and names it Microsoft Arena. At a minimum, let’s not make a such a big deal about this.