Backstreet’s Back

I’m getting really bad with the blogging.  But ya know, work has been busy.  And I’ve been reading and watching shows on my down time after the wild kids go to bed.  Excuses.  But I promise, I’m back  Maybe.

Know who else is back?  Yup.  Backstreet’s back.  Go ahead and say it.  You know you want to.  ALRIGHT!


The Backstreet Boys rose to fame in the late 90s/early 00s.  I was lost, Drowning during my first years in college.  They were one of the few things that made sense.  Many afternoons I’d turn to TRL (Total Request Live for those not in the know) and seek guidance from Carson Daly and the live NYC audience.  It was there I first learned that As Long As You Love Me, I’d be okay.  Actually, I didn’t like that song.  Luckily, I liked everything after.  I Just Want You to Know.

I saw Backstreet at Mesa Del Sol or was it Journal Pavilion.  I don’t know.  It’s not important.  What is important is that I almost touched Kevin Richardson’s hand.  Good thing too.  It might have been my last chance.  Kevin was my favorite BSB (as my sister Meghann and I affectionately call them).  I always seem to pick the least or second to least popular (and oldest) boy band member.  Jonathan Knight.  Louis Tomlinson.  JC Chasez.  Well maybe not always.  And as I get older I change my mind.  Nick Carter.  Joe McIntyre.

Kevin left the group somewhere along the way and was hesitant to return, much like Jonathan Knight, because really, can you ever recreate the magic?  Yes, yes you can.  And if you can’t, you can recreate the money (unless you’re in *NYSNC, Justin is never coming back).  So kudos to you Backstreet and NKOTB. I have more money and I will spare no expense to see you.  Okay, that’s not totally true, but this post is filled with hyperbole, so just go with it.  Speaking of sparing no expense, me and my girls (Becca Meg, Sarah, Peggy, and Amanda) got together and said What The Hell.  We went Larger Than Life on a VIP section.  Catering, waitstaff, drinks, parking, y todo.  Thanks to Becca who made The Call.  Or email rather.

I actually saw BSB a few years ago with NKOTB.  Mind blown!  At that time, Brian, Nick, Howie D and AJ were missing Kevin.  They were, how can I put it, Incomplete.  So this time was a real treat.  Howie was sick this time, but that’s forgivable since he is not my fave.  Plus, Avril Lavigne came.  And I’ve always loved her.  Early to mid nineties angst filled Canadian pixie.  I’m With You, Avril.  That little Avril moved around a lot.  So my pictures are fuzzy.  Uh, huh, we’ll go with that.


Everybody had a blast.  We sang our hearts out.  We danced our hearts out.  We drank…a little.  Because that’s what boy bands do.  They emotionally charge their fans.  I’d say we were emotionally charged that night.  Not sure about My Happy Ending, but we represented Valley well and got educated.  It was More Than That.  It was Complicated.  But given the chance to do it all again, I’d have to say I Want It That Way.

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BSB spans generations.  This time, I was there with my two little sisters, can’t complain about that!


I think this video (thanks again B) captures the awesomeness that was June 2nd.  I mean, is it even legal to have that much fun on a Monday?