Go Lobos!

One day Cyan said she couldn’t be on the basketball team because she’s a gell. So I started showing her YouTube videos of various women’s basketball teams. We had been trying to get tickets to a Lobos basketball game all season, but ya know, you snooze, you lose, and then the only thing available are club level seats at a hundo each.
And then we had some divine intervention. Free tickets to a Lady Lobos game! In a suite.
I hadn’t been to the Club Level since the Pit was remodeled.  It’s super que fancy!
The Pit has always been a great place to watch a game.
It was Senior Night.
The suite was rather empty so we had the entire first row to ourselves.  And all of the popcorn Cyan could eat.  Along with nachos, tacos and cookies.image
Newsflash!  You can drink up there.  Blue Moon and a slice.
The Lady Lobos won pretty handily.
And we had fun!
I could sure get used to the suite life.
Thank you Anderson Graduate Business Students and the UNM Foundation!
And thank you seniors!  There was one other player who is graduating, she was injured and unfortunately I didn’t catch her name.  But the team seems very close knit so that is cool to see.
Allan worked very hard to find leftover foam fingers since that was the one perk that the suite didn’t have.
The next night we went over to Uncle Levi’s to watch the Lobo men.  They lost, but we still had fun.
Especially this little party animal.

March Madness ends for us today with UNM and NMSU out of the dance.  But I’m very happy we were able to show Cy that gells can play basketball if they want.  And if all else fails, shake your butt Lobos.


Gone Fishin’

A couple weekends back we decided to take Cyan fishing since she had a blood draw earlier that morning. Those are always hard for her so we like to make the rest of her day really fun. After the lab, we ate breakfast at McDonald’s and she insisted I climb through the Play Place tunnels with her. That stuff was not made for grownups, but I can’t say no. So on to the main event, fishing at Shady Lakes.
Shady Lakes is on the edge of the North Valley between Alameda and Sandia Pueblo.  I first went there on a field trip in second grade.  It was one of my most memorable field trips.  My dad likes to fish and he came along for that field trip.  It wasn’t quite as warm, but it was still a beautiful day.  For a small fee, you can fish, picnic, take photos, or just hang out on the beautiful property.
It’s ridiculously easy to fish at Shady Lakes.  You can rent or buy whatever you need and you don’t even need a fishing license.  A cane pole, some salmon eggs, a hook, some line and a bobber will do the trick.  Over and over.  It’s not catch and release and the bites come pretty quickly so you have to be ready to pull them out.  I remember being interested in the bright magenta salmon eggs as a kid.  And the familiar stinky smell.  Cyan was interested in drawing in the dirt with a stick.
I didn’t remember fishing being so gross.  But it’s fun too.
In the end, four came home with us.  Cyan caught one.  Or we tried to convince her to.  They might have all technically been Allan’s catches.
Eventually our littlest fisherman woke up from his nap.
One of the fish was full of eggs.  Yucko.
Catch of the Day
And special thanks to our consultant Kathy for instructing us on how to clean the fish.  Which Allan meticulously did at the fish cleaning station.
While Allan cleaned the fish, Auntie Meg, Kathy and I took the kids for a walk around the pond. It’s too cold for the beautiful lilies that will there soon, but it was not too cold for the four ninja turtles who were sunbathing on a log. We scared one of them as we walked by and it jumped in the lake.


A couple weeks later, I cooked(!) the the fish with some lemon, salt, pepper and white wine.  It was pretty good.



Employee Appreciation Day

March 7th is Employee Appreciation Day! I consider myself lucky to work with some pretty amazing people. My team, my peers, my boss, my client group. So many great folks.


Nowadays, people change jobs more frequently.  But not everyone. I was happy to celebrate a decade at my job last month. Even cooler was getting to take my Nana to a dinner last weekend to celebrate her fifteen year anniversary with Presbyterian Hospital. Here are some fun facts.


– My Nana Rose is 81 years old. She was born in 1932. Yes she still works.

– Johnny Cash and Elizabeth Taylor were also born in 1932.

– Radio was the primary form of entertainment, the first Tarzan movie came out, and news was transmitted through radio and print newspapers.

– It was the height of The Great Depression and speaking of employment, unemployment was very high.

– The 8th of 12 children, Rose completed school through eighth grade. As many did at the time, she went to work to help support the family.

– Working for approximately 68 years, she’s held a number of jobs, paid and unpaid. Ironing, cleaning houses, being a stay at home mom to six kids, electronics manufacturing, cafeteria worker, catering, receptionist.

– Rose got her GED in the mid eighties. I remember we had a graduation party for her.

So last week’s dinner honored employees of Pres celebrating 10, 15, 20, 25+. The four main honorees were inducted into the 40+ Club. 40 years. Who does that?


There were many themes from the night. Change, technology, work ethic. Even the CEO Jim Hinton was celebrating 30 years and honoring his daughter who just started.

When I think of the changes and the different technologies Nana has seen and the work ethic I have always seen her demonstrate, I’m just amazed. Even starting her part time gig at the Patient Information Desk just fifteen years ago, things were different.

I chuckle everytime she threatens to quit because of some online training. And when her team will do anything to keep her. She’s always called upon and counted on. She arrives early and gets to know people. Volunteers, doctors, nurses, security, janitors, clergy, you name it, Nana knows them. She’s relied upon for her bilingual skills. She gets frustrated like any employee. Teen moms, driver education classes, people who don’t know the last name ofthe pearson they’re there to see. But she still provides great customer service and deals with the public when many don’t have the patience to. Using a computer, answering the phone, helping people in person. In English and Spanish.

How do I know? Because people always tell us. You’re grandmother is so wonderful. We love Rose. We do too.

I’ve never worked in a hospital, but I imagine it isn’t easy. There’s a lot going on. 24/7. Births and deaths. Checkups, surgeries, procedures, training, appointments. Health and illness.

Mr. Hinton mentioned new systems and sacrifices. He discussed character, commitment and integrity. I know Nana has learned new systems and made sacrifices. Email, patient databases, intranet, online banking. I remember showing her how to use an ATM as a kid. And now she checks her Facebook everyday. Btw, the status from last weekend got 79 likes and 28 comments. I can’t even begin to get into the sacrifices I know she’s made. Her character, commitment and integrity are unparalleled.

Our date was fun. We dressed up. Nana said I could have a drink. The photographer thought we were mother and daughter. Nana said she should have worn red. I asked her if it was her signature color. She said yeah. The bartender took a blurry picture of us. And we took Nana’s first selfie.



Pres has been around 105 years. They served 670,000 New Mexicans last year. I was one of them. So was my baby. I was born there thirty four years ago, although mom and Nana disagree on which floor. Nana knows she won’t join the 40+ Club. She’ll retire at some point. Maybe soon, she’s been threatening for years. This will be her second retirement.

If it’s not obvious, I could not be more proud of my Nana and feel lucky to know her and call her mine. I cannot think of a better person to appreciate on Employee Appreciation Day.  She’s the picture of hard work, determination, and love of family.


And of course, we appreciate Nana on regular days. For meatloaf and mashed potatoes (me), cold remedies, holiday cards, chile (Allan), a warm pot of coffee (PC), breakfast burritos (Roy), bacon and cuddles (Cyan), a warning to cuidao, casino freebies, lawn chairs for each great grandkid, TP/PT (Meg), and on and on.



Moms4Moms Day

Happy Moms4Moms Day! A day for all moms to stop being so judgy and start being more lovey. So we’re putting it all out there because no mom is perfect and that’s okay. Where to begin?

The advice I give all new moms and moms to be. Whatever you do is exactly right for you and your family.

With that said, here are just some of my mommy #truths.

I rarely cook and we could definitely eat better.

I breastfed and formula fed my kids.

It’s rare my husband and I get to sleep in the same bed. We both cosleep with one. Divide and conquer.

I work outside the home.

I take my kids to the sitter when I have a nonholiday weekday off.

One kid is a thumb sucker. The other has a paci.

I outsource deep cleaning.

My kids will go to public school.

My kids watch TV and YouTube.

They go to bed super late.

Sometimes their hair is messy. Sometimes mine is.

No gender role rules. Anyone can do basketball or ballet and play with Barbie and Batman.

Those are just a few I can think of for now as I threw this together between dinner, bath time, reading a story, and running on the treadmill. See I’m not that horrible:)

Anyhoo, let’s all commit to less self doubt and more support of each other as parents. It ain’t easy and there’s so many ways to do your best.