Souper Bowl Commercial

This is a commercial for the Souper Bowl. I’ve been going for the good part of the last ten years. Hopefully by now you’ve figured out it is not the big game. Maybe someday I’ll get there?

The Souper Bowl is a soup and dessert tasting event to benefit Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico. Here are some tips and tricks.

1) Ride the shuttle to the event. Walk back to your car.


2) Don’t like soup? Open your mind and your palette.

3) Think you won’t get full? Think again. That’s why you wall back to your car.

4) Don’t wear a white shirt. You don’t want to dribble.

5) Each year it seems there is a theme among the 20 or so competing restaurants with a handful putting their own spin on it or flavor if you like puns. It’s like the secret ingredient on Iron Chef and you are the snobby judge. Seafood, tomato, bisque, chowder, cold soups, butternut squash. And there is always, always, green and red chile.

6) Don’t throw away your spoon. As the pen is mightier than the sword, the spoon is mightier than the fork. At least at The Souper Bowl.

7) It’s a little crowded although it’s really come a long way. Expect crowds and lines and cuts.

8) Don’t forget dessert. Chocolate covered strawberries, gelato, tarts, etc. There is something for every sweet tooth.

Not all soups are winners. Some try too hard and some are just better than others. You can vote for best soup, best dessert, and best table decor. There’s also live music and a silent auction.

For me, TSB holds some irony. We are tasting soup to benefit the local food bank. New Mexico has a big hunger problem, sadly it’s especially bad among children. But if we are full or don’t like a particular sample, it’s thrown away. A lot of food gets thrown away at this event targeting hunger.

Over the years, I’ve introduced a lot of friends to the event. This year was the Perez girls. Truth be told, I wouldn’t mind being a Perez girl. They are fun, great dancers, and have big, beautiful lips. Today was as close as I’ve got.


We had a souper time!



4 thoughts on “Souper Bowl Commercial

  1. Souper glad we went! Alicia really enjoyed it and our photo booth pictures are all so cute! Thanks again Mand…

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