Master of my Domain

I doubt most people would be so excited to receive a domain name for Christmas, but I am!

What does that even mean? That means that Mand’s Mind has a new home. For nearly four years (and 300 posts) my blog squatted at But now she’s got her very own pad. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you! I was fine being, but Allan said, “No wife of mine is going to have to mooch space on the Internet!” I love it when he talks nerdy to me. Just kidding. He didn’t say that.

Mand’s Mind 2.0 is actually my third blog. I’ve been writing all my life and blogging since 2007 (the good ‘ol MySpace days). Jackie, Tony and Donnie have six listeners. I have fourteen subscribers. To my faithful fourteen and to anyone that has stopped by, thank you. If anyone would like to subscribe, there’s an app for that. Not really. It’s a widget. On the home page.

In addition to the domain name, MySpace recently released my blog posts in a downloadable format so I may be able to do throwbacks of some of the funniest stuff.


Of course the whole thing is a constant work in progress.  For those that subscribed (thank you again!), I will leave it up to you if you would like to do so (there is a link to the right).  There is also a mobile site since most people view the blog on their mobile device.

I appreciate the opportunity to have this creative outlet.  Thanks Buddy for my new domain name!

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